Why your website needs a SSL Certificate? (and why is important for Google)

Congratulations! Now you have a very nice website with an awesome SEO and Digital Campaigns on. But there's a new improvement in digital town  you have to make in order to offer the best secure and confidence to your visitors and have a better ranking on Google and the other search engines: SSL Certificates.


What's is a SSL Certificate?

SSL is an encryption method for online security which is used to secure data that is being transferred from customers to the websites. SSL certificates give immediate security and ensure the customers that their data is kept safe at all times. This is done by displaying a green address bar or a padlock.


SSL Certificate


SSL Certificates protect your site and make your online reputation and ranking grown.


What are the benefits of SSL?


In the past, the only time an average webmaster needed to care about SSL was eCommerce. But that all changed this year when Google dropped a bomb: SSL was going to be rolled out as a ranking factor, Google will mark “HTTP pages that collect passwords or credit cards as non-secure.” Here's how that change will look like in Google Chrome:




Google eventually this year plans to expand this feature to treat all HTTP pages li this:




You definitely do not want all of your users seeing that in their URL bar


So, in addition to offering a benefit to your readers by securing their connection, you also have both a Google-provided carrot and stick to motivate you to use an SSL certificate for your website.


So, SSL is really a big change for this 2017 and it's something you can ignore. There's no reason not to protect your visitors's connections and boost your search engine rankings in the process.


Are you ready for boost your ranking and gain confidence of your visitors? Ask LOH Digital how can you get your SSL Certificate. 

SSL Certificate ranking in googlw




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